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Kings of War: Vanguard - the fantasy skirmish wargame

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Kings of War: Vanguard - the fantasy skirmish wargame

Message par Sgt Rock le Dim 19 Nov - 20:28

Mantic sort un jeu skirmish Kings of War: Vanguard
Il est présenté comme compatible King Of War

Les règles sont dispos en Alpha à télécharger avec quelques listes de bande.

Vanguard recreates cinematic, brutal skirmishes between small warbands of handpicked fighters, set in the same universe as our hugely popular Kings of War wargame. Players carefully select their squad of characters then fight it out to complete life or death missions - that can help turn the tide in the battle to come!

These can be played as one-off narrative missions between elite fighting forces, but Vanguard is also fully compatible with your larger games of Kings of War. By linking battles in Vanguard to your mass battles, thanks to the innovative interlinked campaign system, victory in Vanguard could mean you’ll gain access to better magical artefacts, new units or even the chance to deploy in better positions. Meanwhile, defeat could force your units to arrive late or your deployment options will be hampered.

As your troops successfully complete missions, they’ll become a renowned force, so we’re also developing an in-depth war band progression system to reflect that. As you play more games, your key heroes will gain new and more powerful abilities and discover new equipment - but wounds suffered might mean they pick up game-changing injuries! No Vanguard campaign will ever play the same, and each force will develop its own style and skills.

The 28mm plastic miniatures in Vanguard will also represent the small bands of elite battle hardened warriors - the ones any good general would rely on to complete his most important of missions  – but because these fantastic sculpts are compatible with our wider range of fantasy miniatures, your new Vanguard miniatures make fantastic heroes for your Kings of War armies too!

Utilisation de D6 et des D8 (ces derniers explosifs => sur un résultat de 8 on ajoute un nouveau D8)
Des stats personnalisées pour les archétypes des bandes.

le lien vers les règles en UK (mais assez simple à lire, cela reste du Mantic) : Zip Vanguard Rules & Bands
Sgt Rock
Sgt Rock
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