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DERBY WORLD WARGAMES - 6th & 7th October 2012

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DERBY WORLD WARGAMES - 6th & 7th October 2012 Empty DERBY WORLD WARGAMES - 6th & 7th October 2012

Message par Sgt Rock le Dim 30 Sep - 19:34

6th & 7th October 2012
Castle Donington International Exhibition Centre
Castle Donington
DE74 2RP

Le site: http://www.worldwargames.co.uk/

Des volontaires ?, suis bien tenté mais seul Sad

Bon, je sais, c'est le WE prochain et en plus au milieu de l'Angleterre, là où le grand prix se déroule.
Le lien sous Google Map

La liste de vendeurs, à faire pâlir:
WARLORD GAMES www.warlordgames.co.uk
Historical Wargames Miniatures & Rules plus hobby supplies. Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte, Black Powder & Bolt Action.

KR MULTICASE www.KRmulticase.co.uk
High quality range of transport bags, backpacks, and aluminium cases. Soft foam trays for protecting all miniature wargaming figures

ADLER MINIATURES http://home.clara.net/adlermin/
1/300th Napoleonics, ACW,WWII, Sci-Fi
1/200th Ancients

AINSTY CASTINGS www.ainsty-castings.co.uk
Resin Scenics and accessories for gamers. Ranges include Starport, Dungeon, Refinery and Riverfront. Items for Battle, Skirmish or Roleplayers

Quality vacuum formed plastic mouldings of terrain, scale and fantasy dioramas and kits for wargaming.

1. High quality painting service. 2.15mm Miniatures for Ancients, Medieval and Renaissance

Plastic model kits

AW MINIATURES www.awminiatures.co.uk
Manufacturers of wargames and collectors figurines. 28mm Indian Mutiny, 15mm Napoleonics, 18mm Sudan War, 28mm Pony Wars

BACCUS 6MM www.baccus6mm.com
Manufacturer of high quality 6mm figures, rules and scenics from Ancients to late nineteenth century. Simply too good to ignore!

BATTLE SYSTEMS TWS www.battlesystems.co.uk
Realistic Sci-Fi interiors for tabletop gamers and collectors. Products will be available on the day in disc format for printing at home and a full set on display.

Resin scenery and accessories, 150+ sizes and types of resin movement trays. Fantasy rules set Armies of Arcana. White metal and resin 28mm fantasy figures

BEASTS OF BOLSOVER www.beastsofbolsover.co.uk
28mm Weryd War II, Fantasy, Ancients

BLACK PYRAMID GAMING www.blackpyramid.co.uk
Own brand 28mm Sci-Fant ranges, Spartan Games, Crocodile Games, West Wind, 28mm Terrain and Vehicles

BRITANNIA MINIATURES-20mm WWII plus 25/28mms (please pre-order ), Kelly's Heroes 20mm, painted 15mm Napoleonic & MUCH MORE!

CALIVER BOOKS www.caliverbooks.com
Largest selection of stuff for wargamers IN THE WORLD and only a stone's throw from Derby!! We also now own Minifigs

New books for wargamers and modellers. All prices are 20% off the publishers' prices

COLONEL BILLS www.colonelbills.com
Quality painted figures, Second hand castings, 4Ground Buildings & Vehicles, Flags of War

COLOUR PARTY www.colourparty.co.uk
'It has to be COLOUR PARTY, it's the only one' to offer the largest selection true authenticated paint colours for all wargamers and modellers.

CRITICAL MASS GAMES www.criticalmassgames.com
15mm Sci-Fi miniatures, terrain and rules

CURTEYS MINIATURES/ FIRST CORPS www.curteysminiatures.co.uk www.1stcorps.co.uk
Manufacturers of 25/28mm metal miniatures and resin vehicles covering ancients to sci-fi.

28mm Figures by Perry, Artizan, Crusader, Foundry

DAVID LANCHESTER MILITARY BOOKS www.davidlanchestermilitarybooks.co.uk
Good quality military books. These range from ancient, medieval and renaissance, through the Napoleonic period and into the 20th century, plus many wargame related titles.

DIXON MINIATURES www.dixon-minis.com
25/28mm metal figures inc. Samurai, ECW, ACW, Wild West, Grand Alliance, AWI, Alamo, Gangsters &WWII. 15mm Marlborough &Indian Mutiny.

DREAMHOLME SCENICS www.dreamholme.com
Resin cast scenery

EARLY WAR MINIATURES/SHELL HOLE SCENICS www.earlywarminiatures.com www.shellholescenics.co.uk
EWM - 20mm figures, models & scenery covering first half of WWII and late WWI.
Shell Hole Scenics - miniatures and accessories for WWII. Primarly 20mm ranges, but some specifiv 15mm items

ESSEX MINIATURES www.essexminiatures.co.uk
15mm Ancients, Medieval, Renaissance, European Wars, 7 Years War, Etc..

FIELDWORKS www.fieldworks.org.uk
10/12mm and 15mm cast resin ruined bulidings

FIGHTING 15s www.fighting15s.co.uk
Eureka Miniatures, 15mm AB Figures, Oddzial Osmy 1/600th scale WWII & Modern aircraft & vehicles, 15mm SF, Shadowforge & Laughing Monk Miniatures, Coat d'Arms paints and brushes.

FIGURES IN COMFORT www.figuresincomfort.co.uk
Foam Trays and Carry Cases. Westwind - Secrets of the Third Reich and Empire of the Dead. Forged in Battle - 15mm WWII. Litko Game Accesories.

FRONT RANK FIGURINES LTD www.frontrank.com
High quality historical metal figurines. 28mm Medieval, Late 17thC, 18thC, Napoleonic. 40mm AWI. Sold individually & in money saving packs.

GLENBROOK GAMES & PAINTING SERVICE www.glenbrookgames.co.uk
Ganesha Games rules, painted figures

GRAHAM'S WUERKSHOPPE www.grahamswuerkshoppe.com
New and old wargaming and roleplaying - figures, rules and related ephemera.

GREAT ESCAPE GAMES www.greatescapegames.co.uk www.clashofempires.co.uk
Publisher of new ancients rules "Clash of Empires" and WW2 "Rules of Engagement", plus miniature stockist.
Gripping Beast SAGA products.

Painted and unpainted figures in most scales and periods from biblical to WWII and beyond.

IRREGULAR MINIATURES LTD www.irregularminiatures.co.uk
A huge range of figures and accessories in scales from 2mm through to 54mm. All available singly at reasonable prices.

KALLISTRA www.kallistra.co.uk
10mm Fantasy and Historical miniatures, Hexon Hex Terrain and hex scenics, plus Space Dreadnought miniatures and rules, and 28mm Fantasy and Sci Fi miniatures.

KERR AND KING www.kerrandking.co.uk
Highly detailed resin buildings and bases for 15mm and 28mm figures and wargames

LANCASHIRE GAMES www.lancashiregames.com
Manufacturer of Historical miniatures in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm plus rules and painting service. Piquet rules, S &A Scenics terrain

Stockists of new and second hand Games Workshop models and KR MultiCases

MAGISTER MILITUM www.magistermilitum.com
10mm, 15mm, 28mm (pre-order), GHQ, JR Miniatures, Hallmark, Miniature World Maker, Baueda, Acheson Creations, Lead Adventure Miniatures, bases and much more!

MAGNETIC DISPLAYS/CORITANI www. magneticdisplays.co.uk
Top quality magnetic basing system. Resin/rubber/plastic scenery & terrain. Paints, brushes, scatter, dice, spears & Basetex. Metal/plastic bases.

MANTIC GAMES www.manticgames.com
Mantic Kings of War, Warpath

MINIATUREMEN miniature_men_and_components
Used Games Workshop & Historical Figures & Component Parts. Stockist for NP Models

MONARCH MILITARY BOOKS www.monarchmilitarybooks.co.uk
New and Used Military Books, Kits, Paints, Xyston 15mm

MUSEUM MINIATURES www.museumminiatures.co.uk
Extensive range of 15mm from the Mycenaean Greeks up to American Civil War. 28mm Samurai. 1/300th WWII Aircraft.

MUTINEER MINIATURES www.mutineerminiatures.com
28mm and 20mm figures. TUFTs

OFFENSIVE MINIATURES www.offensiveminiatures.com
28mm metal figures & vehicles for WWII "Elite", Napoleonic "Follow the Drum" & Modern Urban Conflict "Near Future"

OLD GLORY UK www.oldgloryuk.com
Miniatures in 10mm 15mm 28mm & 40mm. Most periods covered from Ancient Egypt to the War on Terror. Over 40000 items on our website

PARABELLUM www.parabellum.co.uk
Vallejo Paints, Andrea Paints, Corgi 1/50 and 1/72 diecast, 1/72 (20mm) by HAT, Dragon, Zvesda, Caeser

PAUL MEEKINS BOOKS www.paulmeekins.co.uk
Military & History Books. Over 20,000 books in stock. Ancient to Modern. Second-hand, new and reduced-price titles. Catalogues on our website.

PENDRAKEN MINIATURES & MINIBITS www.pendraken.co.uk www.minibits.net/
The widest range of 10mm figures available, with 200 ranges, over 3000 individual products, and new items being released every month!

Minibits - bits and bobs to get your miniatures on the table.

PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY www.theplasticsoldiercompany.co.uk
High quality, hard plastic historical minatures and vehicles in 15mm, 1/72nd and 28mm scales.

PRODUCTS FOR WARGAMERS www.productsforwargamers.com
Measuring sticks, dice, metal and magnetic sheet, foams, laser cut mdf bases, and many more assessories. Bespoke scenery to pre-order including buildings and graveyards.

RAPIER MINIATURES www.rapierminiatures.co.uk
28mm Zulu Wars, ACW and Napoleonic figures, 28mm Fantasy, including the Skeletal West, our (in)famous Witches, Scorpionmen and other Fantasy. 6mm Ancients including our newest Chariot Wars miniatures.

Suppliers of 20mm Pre-painted AFV’s, 20mm Pre-painted World War II figure sets and Terrain at very low prices

REDOUBT www.redoubtenterprises.com
25mm – 28mm figures. Ranges include ACW, ECW, Boxer Rebellion, Napoleonic, French & Indian Wars, Sudan, AWI, Trojan and Bodys Banners.

Painted miniatures

Commission based painting service

SARISSA PRECISION www.sarissa-precision.co.uk
Manufacturers of laser-cut MDF buildings and accessories for gamers and hobbyists, including Old West, WWII & cityblocks

SCARAB MINIATURES LTD www.scarabminiatures.com
War and Conquest rules, 28mm WWI and Ancient Greek, 1/48th Project X and WWII

SGTS' MESS www.sgts-mess.com
World War II figures, vehicles and accessories. Some resin buildings and landing craft. All in 20mm.

SHQ MINIATURES www.shqminiatures.com
20mm World War II, ECW, Napoleonic, ACW and Boxer Rebellion. 25mm Vietnam, World War II, Modern and Fantasy

SKYTREX LTD www.skytrex.com
Command Decision 1/100th scale/15mm WWII & Modern, Red Eagle 1/144th scale WWI aircraft and Hinchliffe 20mm range of WWII vehicles - plus various Naval ranges.

STAFFORD GAMES www.staffordgames.co.uk
Full range of Flames of War, Army Painter, Wings of War and Spartan Games.

STONEWALL FIGURES www.stonewallfigures.co.uk
Combat Miniatures, Warmodelling Main Agent

THE BAGGAGETRAIN www.the-baggagetrain.co.uk
We manufacture high quality 6-28mm resin terrain, buildings. 10-28mm figures and we carry the full Scotia 1/300 th AFV/aircraft ranges


Handmade trees, fields, hills, walls, hedging & terrain features at affordable prices.

TIGER MINIATURES www.tigerminiatures.co.uk
28mm White metal Wargames figures covering Balkan Wars, German Colonial, Spanish-american wars and Renaissance plus some HLBS ranges of figures.

TIME WAS www.timewasshop.co.uk
Strategy boardgames, D&D, HeroClix, Die-cast models by Forces Of Valor & Corgi, WWII Airfix kits, Plastic Napoleonic figures

TIMECAST www.timecastmodels.co.uk
6mm, 10mm and 15mm Landmark buildings, scenics, paints, brushes, trees etc. UK distributor for Old Glory 15s & Battle Honours.

TUMBLING DICE www.tumblingdiceuk.com
Designers and manufacturers of the largest ranges of 1/600 aircraft (WW1/WW2), and 1/2400 naval, from Ancients to ACW/Victorian period.

UNDER THE BED ENTERPRISES www.underbed.co.uk
28mm 1660 - 1721 Range,VBCW & Anglo Irish 1916 - 23; 20mm WWII, Frontline WWII Resin; 15mm QRF WWII

URBAN CONSTRUCT www.urbanconstruct.co.uk
25/28mm resin modular scenery including buildings, basements, sewers and roads for WWII, modern, 40K. Individual walls can be purchased seperately.

WARBASES www.warbases.co.uk
Bases, Budget building kits, movement and sabot trays, NEW order markers and tokens. Also gravel and flocks for finishing your bases.

WARGAMES EMPORIUM www.wargamesemporium.co.uk
Hydra Miniatures, CinC, Essex Miniatures 15mm, Boardgames, Rule Books, Games Workshop (20% discount)

WARGAMES TOURNAMENTS www.wargamestournaments.com
Resin bases, terrain (15mm & 28mm), terrain accessories, conversion parts, movement trays and dispaly stands

Large selection of military and wargaming books.
Sgt Rock
Sgt Rock
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