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Warhammer - FAQ de l'ETC 2011 Empty Warhammer - FAQ de l'ETC 2011

Message par Raghnar le Jeu 8 Sep - 0:27

L'Europeean Team Championships étant un gros tournoi européen, ils ont mis en place une grosse faq pour couvrir pas mal de points non couverts par les règles et faq officielles
C'est aussi en contradiction avec une vision purement RAW de certaines règles officielles (qui permettent certains trucs pas top), plutôt dans le sens RAI

J'ai lu rapidos, j'ai trouvé ça pas mal, j'ai pas tout compris par contre ; faut connaître le cas pour comprendre la réponse, et comme ça couvre les LA que je ne connais pas Smile coté skaven ça tient bien la route et répond à certaines questions sans réponse ou en discussion sans fin

Le soucis c'est que je n'ai pas trouvé de version française Sad

Dernier truc, ça date de quelques mois (vu le temps pour préparer les équipes, l'ETC a eu lieu le mois dernier je crois) c'est donc pour les anciens LA des Rdt et ptet des O&G

ça se passe par là :

Movement Phase
1. Are “virtual pivots” allowed?
A. Yes,pivoting models may ignore models, impassable terrain and board edges when pivoting, as long as they do not end their move within 1" of models or impassable terrain
2. 2 great eagles and 1 fast cavalry unit can put deep enemy formations into “stasis fields”. It cannot charge, because it can’t close the door (1st eagle) and the fast cavalry cannot close the door (2nd eagle). It can only fail charge 0” forward or reform. Allowed?
A. No
3. Skirmisher contraction auto-forcing similar fail or reform situations. Allowed?
A. No
4. Miners entering in 30 man chocolate trains. Allowed?
A. No, No model should end its movement from reserves more than 2xM from the table edge
5. Can random movement model pivot be blocked by 1" apart rule?
A. No
6. How Steam Tank fails his charge?
A. It moves its full distance, 3” for 1 SP, 6” for 2 ect
7. Can/or will you allow a skink priest on engine of the gods fly with steed of shadow spell... thus do a 12"+20"=32" move in one turn?
A. Yes, 32”
9. If Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma from shadow is cast on a model with "fly" ability, does that also reduce his flying distance?
A. See BRB FAQ 1.4. Yes.
10. Can characters be placed into second rank by reform? If characters have been forced to second rank by first rank being full, will casualties in the first rank be filled with rank and file, or must the character step forward? General clarifications on character movement inside unit would be useful.
A. See BRB FAQ 1.4
11. Does the last rank need to be sideways contiguous, ie. must it not contain any gaps? Rulebook only discusses removing models from both ends of a single ranked unit.
A. Yes
12. If the partial back rank is deployed to the left side, and there is an enemy unit in the left flank, and a charge is made on the right side, will the back rank break into two parts and shift itself to the right? Or alternatively, will it fight over the gap to the right side?
A. Will not break, but models will fight to the right
13. If the partial back rank is charged to the rear by a slim unit, at a location where there is no back rank models, will the back rank models shift sideways to ‘block’ the unit if possible? Will the charging unit move past the back rank (now to the sides of the charging unit) into direct physical base contact with second last rank?
A. Last rank will not shift, charger will stop at its level
14. If a unit is charged to a rear and resulting combat leaves empty spaces between the charging and charged unit (which are considered to be in base contact) can you still resurrect models to this empty space?
A. See BRB FAQ 1.4
15. Is swapping places with shadow lore attribute considered moving for either of the models in question thus for example preventing using move-or-fire weapons during next shooting phase?
A. See BRB FAQ 1.4
16. How far does the Hellcannon marches and charges? Using its own M or the crews'?
A. His own Movment
17. If a unit containing one or more characters has had its
Movement Allowance altered, will this affect a character leaving
the unit, including if he tries to charge out of it? (p101)
A: Yes, but for that move only.
18. Rulebook states that command group must always be in the first rank even before characters, but if this is not possible, they go to second rank. Does this command group priority apply only to first rank so that if not all characters and command group fit in the second rank either can the remaining command group thus be pushed to third rank, allowing characters to make supporting attacks?
A. Yes
19. Does the FAQ errata on Birona's Timewarp mean that the movement of the units with "special", "0" or "-" movement is unaffected, such as steam tank or random move units?
A. No
20. Can steam tank make combat reforms? Can steam tank make a reform when it charges down a fleeing unit?
A. Cannot make combat reforms, but can do reforms after catching fleeing unit.21. The "stop within 1" of friendly units/enemies/impassable terrain" is sometimes worded inconsistently or confusingly like in pg. 58: "..if the pursuit move would take the pursuers into contact with (or through) a friendly unit or impassable terrain, they automatically halt 1" away". Should these cases be assumed to also mean stopping 1" away from of the listed conditions, not just 1" away if they come into contact?
A. Yes
22. Can a pursuer move within 1" but still past its own units or impassable terrain, to reach base contact on enemy behind them and declaring charge? Can a pursuer move within 1" but still past enemy units in the same way? If a pursuer comes within 1" of an enemy unit but not in base contact, is it allowed to make a charge or must it stop 1" away?
A. We measure the distance and check if the charge is possible. Then we act like in normal charge. If there is no charge we stop 1” away max
23. Except for special situations (charging, wheeling units, characters joining units and moving to front rank...) can models move over their double movement allowance? For example a unit swift reforms and then moves, or unit with fast cavalry rule moves it's max distance and then reforms, may any of it's models move over 2x M?
A. No. Note: Fanatic slingshots and whether they are allowed will be discussed in 'Worst Play'.
24. If a unit, or a single model, is placed at precisely 1" in the front of a single model, can it move freely in its own movement phase, which means pivoting within 1" from the enemy unit? (or it will be forced to move backward/sideway)
A. Already answered, Virtual pivots are OK.
25. Are reforms which temporary come within 1'' of units or terrain allowed?
A.Yes, as long as the centre stays in place and the unit does not finish it's move within 1'' of anything.
26. When a unit flees ‘directly away’ from another, does this mean that you turn the unit about its centre, so that it will flee directly away from the centre of the unit it is fleeing from? (p57) A: Yes." means that flyers could take other directions than perpendicular to the front line?
A. Yes, same as with any unit - you always flee centre from centre.
27. Will the movement denial tactics using fast cavalry/flyers/skirmishers be allowed at the ETC? (So a unit or single model can be either forced to charge one of them coz there is no space to pivot/wheel coz another enemy unit is just 1" to its flank to not charge at all if use deny close door trick with 2 units in front ... forcing the unit to either stay there (forever) or reform turning around and exposing its rear.
A. No
28. The 1" apart rule says units must be 1" away from another one except when charging. If a charger ends its move in less than 1" distance from an unengaged unit, is such unit obliged to move so that is further than 1" away? How may such unit move away from the 1" zone, when any movement would inevitably move it in or through the 1" zone?
A. Yes. Move the charging unit back until it is no longer in the 1" apart zone from anything."
29. Can a unit reform so that a character isn't in the front rank when there is room for him to be there?
30. Can a unit enter a building using a magic movement spell?
31. Will using a swift reform to enter a building from a long distance away "teleporting" the reforming unit be considered "worst play" in the same way as miner congas were at previous ETCs?
A Yes
32. Is it possible to "perform" a tactical charge against one unit even if my units are already able to fight with their majority of their models? (changing direction through the "free wheel" action)
33. What happens if a Fanatic goes between two units, when their gap is 1"? If a player declares a second Fanatic on a close line to first Fanatic what happens then?
A. A: If after passing through a unit the fanatic ends up within 1" other units without hitting them, move the fanatic in its original path until it clears enemy units and ends up at least 1" away from all other units. It causes no hits during this exra move. If the fanatic moved without hitting units and ended up within 1" of units, move it backwards until it's 1" away from everyone instead.
34. Which is the minimum distance for a Chariot/Monster that goes in vertical line to a building or any other terrain feature like impassable rocks etc during the movement phase in order to hide his large side? 1" or almost 2" ?
A. Yes as virtual pivots are allowed, 1”
35. Can the Furnace or the Bell do a Make way?
A. No
36. Are you allowed to create situations where two unit block charges to each other, making both of the impossible to charge. Note that there exist many similar situations, so a generic answer would probably be better than one based on this specific situation.
Similarly you can also create situations where units cannot move forward due to enemy units placed 1" away but the enemy units can stay outside the front arc and therefore cannot be charged. Allowed?
A. Addressed in the worst play section
37. A character is deployed in the second rank (due to lack of room in the first rank). Later a character in the front rank leaves/dies, is the character in the second rank forced to move to the front rank?
A. Yes
38. Are characters allowed to move more than twice their basic move when they join units and are placed to front rank. (advantages from this are moving wizards/general/bsb into congaline/long line units for extra movement)
A. Addressed in the worst play section
39. Can a movement characteristic exceed 10 through Banner of Verminous Scurrying when the FAQ states that your move is tripled (note that there is no movement characteristic in the Skaven army that is less than 4)?
A. No, Movement characteristic cannot exceed 10, however, Banner of Verminous Scurrying (or Birona's Timewarp) does not change it. It does change the movement allowance, and this has no limits. The unit under the effect of Banner of Verminous Scurrying can thus march 3x its Movement characteristic (f.e. 15" for Clanrats) instead of 2x Movement characteristic.
40. How are models with Random Movement moved and what options do they have when close to being blocked by other models and the 1" rule?
A. They ignore 1" rule when pivoting and moving. If the initial pivot would take either of the model's front corners inside models, the random mover hits/charges the unit. If only the rear corners are inside, nudge the random mover away by the shortest route. This will allow random movers to leave the proximity of blocking units trying to block the random movers by standing behind or to the side of it. If at the end of move they're within 1" of other models without hitting them, nudge the random mover 1" away by the shortest route.
41. Can mixed units comprising entirely infantry and monstrous infantry garrison buildings?
A. Yes.
42. Can a character join a skirmishing unit if the unit and character have different-sized bases?
A. Yes. The character is placed as usual in this situation, except he’s roughly half an inch apart from the skirmishers.
43. If there is no possibility for a charging unit to close the door, can a charged unit close the door in the way it brings him within 1 inch of the impassable terrain, a friendly unit or an enemy unit?
A. Yes.
44. Can single models charge corner to corner on other single models? Can a 6 wide unit charge a 5x5 unit by having one model go only corner to corner contact with the enemy?
A. Yes to both.
45. Are you allowed to tactical wheel against warmachines?
A. Yes. Keep in mind there is a basic RB rule that restricts wheels to 90 degrees and that there is no 'closing the door' against war machines.
46. A unit is in two, wide ranks, and the second rank is incomplete. While charging, do I have to maximise the supporting attacks from the second rank? If I can't, does the second rank shift to be able to make supporting attacks during combat?
A. No. No.
47. Night goblin unit has 3 fanatics in it. Can you check how the first released fanatic fares before deciding in what direction the other two move?
A. No. Declare all fanatics at the same time. In case of 2 night goblin units encountering each other, roll who has to declare first.
48. Can a daemon chariot of Tzeentch move over an enemy unit and claim slashing attacks from the screamers?
A. Yes.
49. Can a Flyer do a wheel during a charge?
A. Yes.
50. Can a unit with its front within movement value of a building but rear more than twice the movement value from the building enter the building?
A. No.
51. Can a flying character in a fast, non-flying unit use his fly move to move with the unit?
A. No, he must use his ground movement. The whole unit needs to have the fly rule for it to be used.

Magic Phase
1. Various spells and effects: “Place the template within 24...”. Does this mean one part of the template needs to be within 24”, or just its center, or the whole template?
A. Just the center.
2.I cast "better" version of RiP spell, it can be dispelled on "basic" value or "better" one?
A. Basic value
3. Does RiP spell stops working when my wizard drops his level to 0?
A. No
4. Does lore attributes affect bound spells?
A. Yes
5. Can I use more then one dispell-scroll-type item at a time?
A. No
6. I use Transformation of Kadon and then a breath weapon, can I repeat it? (dispell the spell, cast it again, use a breath weapon again?)
A. Yes
7. Can additional dice (slann's, DE dagger) override the "not enough power" rule?
A. Yes, anything which adds PD classified as power dice might
8. Book of Hoeth vs. Ring of Hotek. Rolling any double means miscast, and while the casting cost is sufficient, it also means irresistible, correct?
A. Yes, Rolling any double means miscast, and while the casting cost is sufficient, it also means irresistible force.
9. Are Lore attributes part of spells, for example, do I get MR ward agains Roiling Skies?
A. Yes
10. Okkam's Mindrazor affecting mounts - what strength they do get to use? Take a case of Noble (Ld-9) ridden HE Chariot, with Crew (Ld Cool and Mounts (no Ld). Will Chariot (No Ld) Impact hits strength/eventual stomp strength change?
A. Models use the leadership written on their profile without any modifiers from any source for all wounding rolls that would normally use the model's own strength. This includes stomps and impacts. Chariot hero uses his own, crew uses its own, steeds use their own. If the written leadership is listed as '-' or '0', the part retains its original strength.
11. Roiling Skies affects Comet of Casandora?
A. Yes
12. Can i place a template direct damage spell/or and its centre out of a unit and hope for a lucky scatter (Pit Of Shades) when spells discription states "anywhere within 24"?
A. No, must be placed on a unit.
13. How does "Dwellers Below" work on Cauldron of Blood/Anvil of Doom/Casket of Souls - are they auto-killed?
A. Yes
14. How do spells or effects that require a characteristic test work on the Screaming Bell and Furnace?
A: This also holds true for ridden monsters/chariots, for anything that can be killed separately. Any effect that causes the model to test (e.g. Dwellers) would force it to make a single test on a best characteristic available (Lord on Dragon tests on dragon's Strength against Dwellers). Any effect caused by a template (e.g. Pit of Shades) forces each divisible part to test on its own best value (Seer would test on its I, Bell on the I of the Ogre). Simple - template = every part tests, model = one test for the whole.
15. When Net of Amyntok is cast on a unit containing a character, will the character or the unit need to take a strength test if the character wishes to leave the unit? What if the model charges? What if the character is being swapped by shadow attribute of a wizard that is not part of the unit?
A. See BRB FAQ 1.4
16. Does Hammer of Sigmar give re-rolls to the wounding rolls with no listed strength, such as Caress of Laniph, Fate of Bjuna and the spells which use metal attribute?
A. Yes
17. Are direct damage spells ranged attacks, for the purposes of various items giving protection "against all ranged attacks of any kind", such as Vampire Counts' Wristbands of Black Gold?
A. Yes
18. Does a single model character get the 4+ LOS! against a direct damage spell?
A.Yes, unless the spell says that a model can be picked-out
19. How do the old lores spells work with the general casting restrictions - do they ignore them (e.g. can Vanhels, Gateway, ... be cast outside the forward arc)?
A. They use their own descripton for targeting purposes, but cannot be cast into combat unless it's specifically mentioned so. A wizard is in his own front arc
20. Can gateway be cast into close combat?
A. No
21. Does a spell caster's unit fall within the caster's own forward arc? (e.g. can a vampire cast vanhels on himself and his unit?)
A. Yes
22. When can you dispel a RIP spell? E.g if a wizard with throne of vines in play casts another spell with irresistible force can his opponent then dispel throne of vines and hence remove the miscast protection?
A, Whenever no action is going on at the moment. In the example, No
24. Q about errata that gives characters look out sir from some spells. All the normal rules for look out sir apply? That means mounted characters, in infantry units, never get look out sir? For example bell / furnance skaven, they always have to test? And do they roll a combined profile test or a separate one (from their mounts)?
A. Yes
25. Given the new look out sir rules for curse of the horned rat, if a character makes his look out sir, but the total roll of the 4d6 is larger the the number of models in the unit (and you therefore get a new unit of clanrats), how do you handle the character that was in the unit? (ps, there are good rules for a similar situation for mounted characters in the skaven FAQ)
A. As per skaven FAQ p7. Clanrat unit is created, character stands next to it as close as possible to its former position
26. Does a grey seer need to choose lore(s) on the armylist? If so, exactly how is this handled with the use spells from 2 different lores rule? Can he choose "ruin and plague" and then use 4 spells from ruin and 0 from plague?
A. Ruin and Plauge on the army list then he is allowed to chose the spells however he wishes, including 0/4
27. According to the rule Guardians, how is this "floating above the heads of the models in his unit" integrated in the Virtual line of sight system? How does it work with Saurus units rather than Temple Guard?
A. In temple Guard, Slann counts as size 3 for line of sight purposes during his magic phase. No effect in other units
28. According to the rule Guardians, can a Slann cast magic missiles if his unit is engaged in CC but he is not in base contact with an enemy model only when he is in a Temple Guard? Or, for example, can he cast a magic missile from the second rank of a saurus' unit?
A. No.
29. Does glean magic work on 13th spell?
A. No.
30. If Okkam's Mindrazor is cast in a situation where a strength value "cannot be modified" or "cannot exceed" (such as: whip of agony, rune of steel), will the strength cap apply, or, because the model is using leadership instead of strength - the cap is ignored?
A. Cap is aplied.
31. If Okkam's Mindrazor is used when fighting a model equipped with the Pendant of Khaeleth, does the PoK-bearer get a ward save?
A. He gets a ward save based on the leadership-used-as-strength.
32. How are we to interpret the rules for choosing spells - i.e. the only exception to the situation that spells cannot be doubled is if they are known by default - is it a) you can only "double" a spell if you have two mages that have it without rolling for it, or b) you can "double" a spell if one mage knows it by default, and another rolls for it.
A. b)
33. If a skink crewman on an Engine of the Gods fails an initiative test for Pit of Shades, is the entire model removed (Stegadon, crew and priest)?
A. No. Only the part that failed suffers the effect.
32. When a non-template, non-sniper spell causes a wound on a multi-part model (e.g., Soul Stealer), is the wound randomized?
A. Yes.
33. If I Windblast a Hellpit Abomination/Doomwheel into another unit, does the other unit take Impact Hits and d6 S3 hits?
A. No impact hits.
34. Is Winds of Magic rolled before applying any items that are triggered "at the start of any enemy Magic phase" is determined? For example, do you roll Winds of Magic before declaring the use of the Vortex Shard?
A. Yes.
35. Are spells that draw a straight line, but with a variable length, to be treated as a spell template that allows for Look Out, Sir! (Crack's Call, Gaze of Mork)?
A. Yes.
36. Are spells that draw a straight line allowed to be directed in such a way that the spell could conceivably hit units in combat?
A. No.
37. Can Slann use Focused Rumination to cast 7 dice?
A. No.
38. Can a unit affected by Net of Amyntok retry the action (attempt to move, cast, etc.) while taking the S4 hits, until it succeeds?
A. No.
39. If a LD8 character joins the same unit as a ld 10 lord, will the leadership that you use for Spirit Leech be 10?
A. Yes.
40. How does the goblin spell Itchy Nuisence affect the Steam Tank? Does the stank remain unaffected?
A. Yes.
41. Will The Curse of Anraheir make a unit treat Open Ground as Dangerous Terrain for the duration of the spell?
A. No.
42. If you cast Gateway on a character within 3 inches from a unit of the same troop size, and you roll 11 on the Strenght thus wiping the model, BUT it succeeds with the 4+ transfer save to the unit, does the unit get destroyed?
A. No. A single model is.
43. What about spells from old lores that are not described as direct damage, but work similar to them, magic missiles, vortex templates, weird attacks made during magic phase and so on...? Do Lone Characters also get LOS 4+ from these?
A. Yes.
44. GW FAQ 1.4 states that wounding on 1+ is possible. Is it possible for Metal spells to wound on 1+?
A. No. Only way to wound on a 1+ is to usually wound on 2+ and have +1 to wound effect.
45. Is Crack's Call a template and does it hit like a cannon, 1 model per rank?
A. Yes.
46. Can wizards/models in a unit under the effect of the Banner of the World Dragon benefit from lore attributes?
A. No.
47. Can a single casting attempt cause several miscasts if several requirements are met (for example if a roll under the effect of the Ring of Hotek contains double 6s and another double)?
A. No.
48. Can Vampires cast Vanhel's Danse Macabre only on their front (with the unit in which they are in and themselves counting as "in front" ) or can they cast the spell in a 360° radius as it was in the 7th edition?
A. It can be cast on any unit, meaning a 360° radius. 'Old' spells follow their own wording, but cannot be cast into combat unless otherwise mentioned.
48. Can the extra dice from the Slann´s focused rumination power be added after the initial spell roll, like the sacrificial dagger? Does the extra dice from the slann´s focused rumination power count against the maximum +2PD generation limit? Can the player owning the Slann decide for which spell to use it in case 3 or more spell is to be casted in the phase?
A. No. Yes. No – the first two use the extra dice.
49. Can I freely decide how early or late to generate spells for wizards as long as it happens before I deploy any of them? (relevant BRB rule: p. 142, Deploment: "Before you deploy any of your Wizards, remember to generate..")
A. No. Roll when the match is starting, even before choosing sides.
50. Casket of Souls targeting a unit with Cold Blooded special rule, how is it resolved?
A. As mentioned in the official GW faq.
51. Night Goblin mushroom dice rolls a 1 and then 4+. Does the spell fail?
A. Yes.
52. Treason of tzeentch vs monsters and handlers. Do only the monsters attack or the handlers as well?
A. Monsters only.
53. Since spells such as Penumbral Pendulum or Crack's Call can not be directed into close combat, are you allowed to roll for range before choosing direction?
A. No.
54. When you use treason of Tzeentch on an enemy, does it have to use any special rules.
A. It's a fairly normal attack, so Yes.
55. Titillating Delusions: Can affected units attempt a swift reform to make a more "direct and quick" move towards the marker? Must they? Also, must they test to march? Must an affected unit declare a charge against an enemy unit which lies in its path if that unit is at the maximum charge range of the affected unit? Can characters in an affected unit leave it or reposition within it?
A. Yes, yes, yes. The unit must end its next move as close as possible to the spell marker. Must charge. Can't leave. Can reposition.
56. Cracks Call: If your mage is in an unit can you direct the crack through your unit to get for example an enemy behind your unit? Does Cracks Call kill the Steam Tank instantly or on 5+?
A. No, unless they're slaves. On a 5+.

Shooting Phase
1. Cannon sees nothing. Can he fire at empty spots and hit models behind hills and other models?
A. No
2. Cannon sees a dragon. Yet he doesn't see the spot 8” in front of dragon (other units are in the way). Can he fire an optimal shot against the dragon?
A. Yes
3. Do war machines have arc of sight?
A. yes, 90o from the its base like a normal unit
4. A template hits the seer & screaming bell. Who is hit and how?
A. Both hit, Randomise the higher strength if there is one
5. On a similar note, does a Seer on the Bell get a Look-out sir roll against templates?
A. No.
6. When the bell is hit but not killed by cannon ball, does it stop the cannon ball?
A. Yes
7. Can models armed with weird “shooty” contraptions use them in the shooting phase if they marched? Death Rocket, Brass Orb, etc.
A. No, count these items as shooting weapons which use normal shooting restrictions.
8. Can a model shoot twice in a shooting phase (dragon and his rider armed with a shooting weapon)?
A. Yes, but only on the same target.
9. Does helstorm rocket battery friendly fire work so that assuming the second scatter roll is a hit, no result of the first artillery die should result in a hit on friendly model?
A. Yes
10. Are shooting attacks the same as ranged attacks? Are ranged attacks shooting attacks?
A.Every shooting attack is a ranged attack, but not every ranged attack is a shooting attack.
11. Cannons can only hit 1 model per rank. Does a screaming bell or similar model on a large base prevent models from being hit in every rank it occupies?
A. No. For these purposes, a model on a large base is in the rank it is first hit by the cannon.
12. Can shooting attacks that do not use scatter dice (such as doomrocket) fire in a way that has a chance of hitting friendly models or close combat?
A. No.
13. Must a Doomwheel shoot after rallying?
A. Yes.
14. In which cases does WM's arc of sight influence the game?
A. The WM might not be able to target models it can’t see, and might not be able to pivot due to proximity of terrain or models.
15. Can Hellcannon pivot and still fire in the shooting phase?
A. Yes.
16. Does the Skavenslave rule Expendable allowing ranged attacks to be targeted into combat with slaves mean I can target enemies with dreaded 13th, crack's call, scorch etc. while they are fighting slaves?
A. Yes.
17. Is a Doom Diver a template weapon? Can a Doom Diver redirect onto a unit in combat?
A. Yes and No.
18. Are shooting attacks with a template allowed to "accidentally" hit friendly models and/or models in close combat?
A. Only if they scatter in a random direction.
19. Can the Sepulchral Stalkers wound a war machine?
A. Yes, use the crew’s initiative.
20. Does the Gyrocopter Steam Gun have partials?
A. Yes.
21. Can you place a template in the way that a part of the template is outside of the table? Or if a template scatters by a fraction outside of the table, can it still hit with part on the table?
A. Yes.
22. Can skaven fire into a close combat where warlock-lead slaves are fighting enemies?
A. Yes.
23. Do Sepulchral Stalkers roll to wound against monster's initiative when firing at monsters & handlers?
A. Yes.
24. Does Skaven Storm Banner make all of the following test if they can use their special attack: Doomwheel, Banshee, Treeman, Anvil, Engineer with Doom Rocket or Brass Orb?
A. Every attack executed in the shooting phase must test except the use of Anvil of Doom, Banshee's howl and using Bloodcurdling Roar.
25. Given that army book rules come before rulebook rules does a stegadon get the 5+ "skink save" from a cannonball?
A. No, both the stegadon and all the skinks are hit.
26. Can catapults still fire indirect shots at targets they have no LoS to?
A. Yes.
27. Warp-Lightning Cannon "fires in the same way as a cannon, as presented in Warhammer rulebook, with the following exceptions:". The following chapter doesn't make it clear what rules the WLC ignores and what it follows. Does it hit only 1 model per rank? Even the small template? Does it get stopped by MI/MC/MB and Mo? By obstacles? By impassable? What happens to the template? Can it fire grapeshot? Anything else we should know?
A. 1 model per rank for the line, small template cannot hit models already hit by original template. The shot is stopped by models that stop regular cannonballs. If stopped, no template is placed, at any point. No grapeshot.
28. A non-flying unit is joined by a character with flying, what happens if the unit is hit by the Rune of wrath and ruin?
A. The unit halves its movement. A character charging/moving out of the unit can do it using his flying movement, because the anvil doesn't affect him anymore after he leaves the unit

Close Combat Phase
1. Abomination purchases warpstone spikes to give “Warpstone Weapons” to all of its attacks. Does this include the thunderstomp or results 1-2 and 5-6 from its table?
A. All attacks/hits except thunder stomp are magical
2.How are the impact hits from steam tank distributed against a unit + screaming bell + seer?
A. When a Steam Tank (or any chariot) charges the Bell & pushers unit, or Steam Tank grinds the unit in successive rounds, and is only touching one type of the models (either the Bell or the pushers), impacts go against this type of the models. When it is in contact with both types of the models, only the rank and file models are impacted. Defer to the normal rules for distributing shooting hits (BRB p. 99) if there are fewer than 5 rank and file models in the unit, and randomize any hits on the Bell as per the Bell rules.
When a Bell & pushers unit impacts the Steam Tank, the Steam tank impacts only target the Bell. Randomize any hits on the Bell as per the Bell rules.
3.Challenges: Is "thunderstomp"/"stomp"/"breath" allowed against the enemy infantry model in challenge?
4. Challenges: If a character moves to a no-fighting rank due to challenge refusal, does his unit looses any of his benefits (bsb rr, heralds' attributes, stubborn etc) other than LD?
A. No
5. Mixed Units: How are CC casualties removed inside Squig Herds and similar mixed units? Do they randomise like shooting?
A. Remove targeted type of model
6. SteamTank: Is it still auto-hit in CC?
7. I slain a hero with a Heroic KB hit, does his mount (dragon/stegadon etc.) is slain?
A. No
8. How wounds on mixed units allocated in CC work? ... Example a 6 skinks & Kroxigor (not in contact) unit takes 7 wounds in same In, are excess wounds lost?
A. Yes they are lost.
9. "Will a charge fail if the unit cannot maximize models in a combat fully? Can other units or terrain be moved in order to maximize combatants?"
A: No to both questions. Still, a unit must maximize as much as possible without shifting any units/terrain
10. Does a flaming close combat wound prevent regeneration from other non-flaming attacks with the same initiative?
A. No
11. Unit with hero assaulting building. 10 regular soldiers go in, opponent strikes, kills some. Can the hero come in as a replacement and strike while being not-targetable this way?
A. Only models of the same type as were killed may replace fallen (no champions etc.)
12. Multi-Combat Resolution: If one of the units fighting in a multi-combat situation wipes out its only enemy in btb (auto-win), does it still confer its bonuses (ranks, charge, flank/rear etc) for this round's combat resolution (against the still engaged enemies)?
A. No.
13. Can units reform after failing to seize a house?
A. No.
14. Can a unit that is fighting against an enemy in an ongoing combat reform if that enemy is somehow eliminated prior to the combat phase?
A. Yes.
15. Can 4 monstrous infantry/cavalry/beasts be chosen for assault party?
A. Yes.
16. Can a model make a supporting attack through a character that occupies several ranks, if these models normally couldn’t make a support attack from their rank?
A. No.
17. Can a Steam Tank reform in combat?
A. No.
18. If a Hellpit Abomination with 1 wound left takes 3 wounds at the same initiative, 1 of which is flaming, does it roll for Too Horrible to Die?
A. No.
19. Is a Gaze of the Gods roll permitted for a Chaos Sorcerer where both he and Chaos Chosen (same initiative) cause 5 wounds on a monster with 3 wounds remaining?
A. Yes.
20. Can a character standing outside a unit use 4+ look-out sir to transfer hits to close combat?
A. Yes.
21. When a monsters & handlers unit is attacked to the flank, how many handlers can fight if not all creatures are in base contact to enemy?
A. All handlers can fight.
22. When fleeing from combat is the fleeing done center to center, resulting in "odd angles" of flee and pursuit moves?
A. Yes.
23. Can a unit combat reform to turn its side towards the enemy, giving the enemy the flank attack bonus?
A. Yes.
24. Can Stomp/Thunderstomp be used against units in buildings?
A. Yes.
25. Can you replace command group models into second rank when making way with a character?
A. Yes.
26. Can units slide sideways during combat reforms?
A. Yes. Remember that no models that were initially in base to base contact with an enemy, can be left out of base to base contact, due to a reform. This counts for individual rank and file models too, and does not just refer to the number of models fighting!
27. On p. 102 of the BRB, for the section titled "Fighting a Challenge", should any mention of character be read as character(s) or champion(s)?
A. Yes.
28. The GUO has the Pestilent Mucus and suffers 3 wounds during a single initiative step, causing several toughness tests. Can the tests only kill the r&f that are in base contact? Is the situation different if the GUO dies by a killing blow, or by Purple Sun?
A. Only the models in base to base contact test, meaning no other models can die, rank & file or not. Killing blow counts as causing 1 wound, Purple Sun or similar insta-kill 0.
29. Can you reform while fighting a war machine?
A. No.
30. How do -1/+1 to hit kind of effects apply in situations where units hit on a fixed number, such as Annoyance of Netlings?
A. They are not applied.
31. Does a battle standard bearer give 100 extra points to the opponent if he dies in combat but the combat goes on without either one breaking or getting annihillated?
A. Yes.
32. A single rank unit has a larger base sized character sitting on one flank, and gets charged to the other flank. Can the chargers hit the character across the empty gap behind the rank&file, as per the "models are not moved but hit across the gap" rule?
A. Yes.
33. Model inflicts impact hits on a solo character in an existing challenge with a different model. Do the impact hits wound the character?
A. Characters in an ongoing challenge cannot be attacked by other models in combat. So no impact or stomp hits on them. Champions will still die if enough wounds are caused to destroy the whole unit.
34. A steadfast unit loses a round of combat and attempts a combat reform. Is the leadership test unmodified?
A. No. Only ignore the difference in combat result scores.

Magic Items
1. Does the Other Trickster’s Shard force its bearer to re-roll his ward saves?
A. No
2. Models with a ward save, some of them in contact with the Other Trickster's Shard, some not. Do wounds from targeted attacks to sharded models carry over to unsharded models?
A. Yes
3.Can you recast the book of arkhan?
A. No
4. Spirit Swallower/Blood Drinker on Vampire and simultaneous attacks. When healing part takes place? Example: Keeper of Secrets (5 wounds maximum) with SS has three wounds left, causes 5 damage and gets 4 (through wards) at the same initiative. What is the final number of wounds daemon has left?
A.Treat the timing in the same initiative as simultaneous hitting-wounding-saving-performing effects. After the wounding, daemon is dead and it stays so. This also means that flaming attack does not turn off the regeneration for the attacks with the same initiative.
5. Can a lvl 0 mage use arcane items
A. Yes
6. Are wounds caused by feedback scroll/cupped hands miscast doubled on characted under the Bane Head from the Slann?
A. Yes
7. What’s “a hit” with regards to charmed shield? Skaven plague? Dwellers? 13. spell?
A. Anything that would then roll to wound or poisen.
8. How does Sivejir’s Hex Scroll interact with characters who have innate magical casting abilities but are not wizards, such as Warrior Priest and Arch Lector? Is it ineffective or works automatically?
A. No wizard, no interaction.
9. Is Sword of Fate (Empire magic weapon that always wounds on 2+ against the selected target and leaves no AS) considered wounding at the basic strenght of the owner for the purpose of Pendant of Khaleth?
A. Yes
10. Magic weapons do not benefit from the Flaming Attacks rule. Does this also affect Ensorcelled Weapons and Warpstone Weapons?
A. Ensorcelled weapons are explicitly magic weapons, so can not be flaming. Warpstone weapons do magic attacks, which isn't the same thing (similar to Wight Blades in that regard).
11. When could be activated the Storm Banner, at the beginning of both players turns, or just at the beginning of Skaven player's turn? In which turns you roll the 4+ if its effect ends?
A.In any player's turn. Check every own and every opponent's turn.
12. According to RB p. 99 "Combined units" a character inside the unit is treated as a single combined unit. Therefore, if we join unit of Chosen with a character with the Favor of the Gods, can we use his item to modify the result of a Warshrine EotG effect?
A. Yes
13. There is a GW FAQ for hit re-roll ability/item vs. opponent forced re-roll item (i.e. ignore re-roll). Does that also affect miscast re-roll items? E.g. a HE player may have item which forces opponent to re-roll all miscast rolls, choosing each time the roll which stands, while opponent may also have an item which e.g. allows him to re-roll his first miscast.
A. Yes
14. Magical weapons cancel poison if a poison spell is cast on a unit does the char bearing a magic weapon gaing poison this way?
15. The Charmed Shield is one use only. Can it still be used as a shield after the 2+ save has been taken? What about Parry then?
A. Yes, it can be used further and counts as a magical shield with no special properties. This also prevent Parry with the shield."
16. If a Vampire has the Blood Drinker weapon, has joined a unit of Knights and does for example 3 wounds, how many knights does he raise? 1 as the description of Invocation or 3 as described in the weapon description?
A. 3.
17. Can a magic weapon ever gain Flaming Attacks where the magic weapon itself does not confer such benefit?
A. No.
18. With regards to Plague Banner, what models count as plague monks?
A. Plague monks, their champion, and the attacks from Plague Furnace crew.
19. Wood Elf "Stone of Rebirth" - GW FAQ suggests that the item can be used more than once for the Ward Save, supposing the bearer is still on 1 wound. So, does this item work for the Ward Save multiple times?
A. Yes.
20. Does the Other Trickster’s Shard affect impact hits or thunderstomps?
A. Yes.
21. Does a character with a magical lance always use the lance?
A. Yes, unless told otherwise by a special rule. You only get +2 str on the charging round, though.
22. Does the Great Standard of Sundering affect 13th spell?
A. No.
23. A unit is charged by daemonettes with the Siren Standard and can only hold. Can the enemy voluntarily flee or S&S other chargers that turn?
A. No.
24. Can a Wizard dispel while he is a frog from Sivejir's Hex Scroll?
A. No
25. Does a Wizard turn into a frog if Sivejir’s Hex Scroll is used on him while casting Transformation of Kadon?
A. Yes.
26. Is the mount transformed with Sivejir’s Hex Scroll too?
A. Creatures that can be separately attacked are not transformed, other mounts are.
27. Can weapon skill passed by "my will be done" rule be modified by magic items or spells?
A. No. Always use the unmodified weapon skill.
28. If you cast doom and darkness on a unit where the character has necrotic phylactery, can the unit still test on the characters unaffected leadership?
A. Yes.
29. Scroll of shielding. Does it protect every unit affected by the spell?
A. Yes.
30. Arch lector with Сrimson Amulet is mounted at War Altar. Does War Altar pass all tests bar leadership automatically?
A. No.
31. Empire Mage with Sword of Justice, is it possible to re-roll failed rolls to wound for, say, Fireball? How about the Warrior priest Soulfire ability?
A. No to both.
32. May you choose not to use Cupped Hands?
A. Yes. But you choose weather to use them before rolling on the miscast table
33. As the Undying legion banner is an augment bound spell, does a TG unit carrying this banner (w/o a BSB) heal further d3+1 above the normal d6+2 benefitting from the Nehekharian lore atribute?
A. No.
34. Do spells chosen via Seerstaff of Saphery have to be noted down on the army list e.g. prior to the tournament?
A. No.
35. Can Fencers blade be used in combination with the helm of commandment?
A. Yes.
36. Does a herdstone block a level 3 unit for line of sight purposes? Is a herdstone impassable? Is a herdstone on a 5"x5" base acceptable?
A. Yes, Yes, No. The Herdstone must be on a square, round or rectangular base that fits inside a 5" diameter circle.
37. Are wounds caused by the "feedback scroll" ranged attacks?
A. Yes.

1. Do you always have to use the generals leadership gained through Inspiring presence
A.No, always use the best Ld available.
2. Can character on flying mounts join normal units?
A. Yes, Yes, as long as his mount is not a monster or chariot.
3. Can I charge with my unit of scouts/fast cav using vanhels or waagh in the very first turn?
A. No
4. Does frenzy force me to charge when I used vanguard move?
A. No
5. Is Terror a panic test?
A. Yes
6. Anvil/Cauldron, The errata states that they are part of the WM's crew, while WM rules states that crew is mere wound markers. Are these characters allowed upgrades & magic items? If yes, do character's magic items' bonuses affect all the wounds of the WM (f.e. there is a rune that drops enemy's Strength to 5)? Can you use killing blow special rule vs a character in WM? etc etc etc...
A. Those characters are a part of their war machine, they are removed at the same time the machine is. They cannot be targeted separately, cannot be killing blowed or stomped. They also have their own profile and attacks, different from the attending crew. Whole machine benefits from their saves and close combat attacks against the machine are worked out against the characters profile.
7. Does HE Foebane sword wound on 2+ vs War Machines
A. Yes
8. Can a unit that failed it's stupidity test move or shoot using spell/item/ability?
A. No
9. Definition of Roll off. Can player who won a roll off chose who starts
A. No, you win you go/deploy ect first unless specified otherwise.
10. Long row of knights is perfectly hit by a large 5” template. How much knights are hit? Also, do we assume the standard “less than an inch wide” GW cavalry base is actually 1” wide?
A. 7 are hit, base is considered less than inch wide - 25 mm
11. Do we assume war machines without base have always some standard base size? 50mm x 50mm or 2" x 2" (related to previous question)?
A. No. See Q54 for info on war machine bases.
12. Rulebook says that war machine shot start location and distance is always drawn from a fixed point that is nominated before the start of the game. Is the LOS drawn from this same point?
A. Yes
13. When model stands partially on a hill, is the whole model cuboid treated as elevated, even the parts that are not on the hill? Additionally, can you see through or under the model?
A. No. Model on a hill does not 'extend' the hill with parts of it's base that are not on it.
14. If a cannon hits a multi hit location model with one part giving shared ward saves to the whole model, such as arch lector with war altar, does the order of evaluation matter and can the mobile be killed first, depriving the pope of the ward save?
A. No, both get to save.
15. How many wounds do skaven war machines have? Armybook and rulebook list 4, but faq says they have 3 crew.
A. 3 wounds
16. When do you choose whether something deploys abnormally? Gutter runners for example have 2 different ways to deploy abnormally.
A. Before scouts are deployed (all units declare together).
17. Can LoS be measured freely during the game?
A. Yes
18. If the Steam Tank is no longer a chariot, and is now a war machine, then doesn't that mean that opponents who charge it will not "close the door", nor will they gain rank bonuses, flank or rear bonuses, and have to nominate up to 6 models to assault?
A. No, Steam Tank is still a chariot. It does count as warmachine only for the purposes of army restrictions.
19. How many models do I need for the monstrous infantry to gain the Look-out Sir rule?
A. 5 rank-and-file models, excluding any special cases like look-out gnoblar
20. If something needs to be determined before the start of the battle, is that before deployment or immediately before the first turn is decided?
A Before the first turn is decided, See GW FAQ 1.4
21. Does a roll of 1 to wound always fail?
A. No, See GW FAQ 1.4
22. DoC, when we have a horrors unit with 28 models its seems they are lvl 3 wizard so they know 1,4,5 from tzeentch lore. The herald of tzeentch must roll 2 d6 dice to choose his spells. Is he obliged to take only 2,3,6 (the rest of the spells)?
A. No
23. Will assassins (both DE and Sk) be visible to opponents even before it is revealed due to open lists?
A. The presence of the assassin will be visible as an item in the armylist along with it's equipment, but the assassin himself is hidden until it is revealed
24. When allocating hits to a unit with a character and less than 5 rank and file models who is the controlling player?
A. Controlling player is the one who owns the unit
25. Can Ogre kingdoms field 2 tyrants? Their army book says 0-1 for that lord choice.
A. No
26. Can a BSB created according to the 6th Ed. armybook (Bretonia, Ogre Kingdoms, ...) carry magical shield?
A. Yes
27. Characters will get "look out sir" versus the following spells that automatically kill models or automatically remove an entire regiment: Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation, Dreaded 13th, Infernal Gateway 11-12 effect. Normal requirements for lookout sir apply. Does champions get look out sir?
A. No
28. Characters will get "look out sir" versus the following spells that automatically kill models or automatically remove an entire regiment: Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation, Dreaded 13th, Infernal Gateway 11-12 effect. Normal requirements for lookout sir apply. What happens to the spell when a character is outside a unit and makes his 4+ look out sir? A single "hit" on a model in the unit or the entire spell on the unit?
A. Single model will be hit/test
29. I've a unit with a ld 8 mage, a ld 9 character and the banner of discipline. When the leadership 8 mage has to use "the model's unmodified leadership value", which one is this going to be?
A. 9. A model’s unmodified leadership is the highest leadership characteristic in the unit without modifications from any source.
30. Are the war machine crew models ignored for the 1” apart purposes?
A. Yes.
31. Can two or more orc characters join a goblin unit and be placed on the same side of the unit? How does fighting to the flank work with these formations?
A. They can join. Models are assumed to be in base-to-base across the gap, similar to fighting incomplete rear ranks.
32. Are handler models counted towards Heavy Casualties panic test, 25 % limit for rallying or half VP from being reduced to 25 %?
A. No.
33. Can Eternal Kindred ber armed with Great Weapon and still benefit from the +1 attack, or stack his armour by adding mount/shield/light armour to 2+?
A. No.
34.Skaven faq comments about mixed infantry and non-infantry units being unique: does this mean such units (lizardmen skink cohort with kroxigors, for example) are not considered infantry units for any rules purposes? For example but not limited to: such units couldn't be stomped and no characters would get LoS! from them?
A. Yes. As mentioned in the Lizardman faq, such units are unique and do not count as infantry or monstrous infantry.
35. Can I use WoC Bloodcurdling Roar after marching?
A. Yes.
36. Do scouts count as deploying units, meaning the player who deployed a scout unit last never gets +1 for the 'who goes first' roll regardless of who finished the deployment of units first?
A. No.
37. Does Hell Cannon have flanks/rear? Can it only charge in its 90 degree LOS in a normal charge? And during rampage would be able to charge 360?
A. Yes to all.
38. Can TK casket pivot before cast light of death? Do the casket guards die before the keeper?
A. Yes to both.
39. Does the ability to know all spells in a lore count as Loremaster for AR purposes, regardless of source?
A. Yes.
40. Does the Empire War Altar’s ability to cast spells from the Light lore count as a Loremaster ability for the purposes of AR? How about Ogre Butcher’s ability to know all spells? Lord of Change?
A. No. No. Yes.
41. What happens if a Hellcannon is forced to both rampage and take a stupidity test (For example after losing its crew and failing a monster reaction test)? Can the Chaos player choose to take the rampage test first (According to sequencing) and avoid the stupidity test if the failed rampage test results in the Hellcannon making it into combat? What happens if a Hellcannon that has failed its monster reaction test becomes unbreakable and immovable, and also fails its rampage test- can it still shoot?
A. Player can take and resolve the rampage test first. If HC bacame unbreakable because of the MR test, failed rampage tests are ignored. It can and even must shoot at closest enemy unit though.
42. Are Instability test for Deamons Leadership tests? Light magic enables them to always pass Leadership tests.
A. Yes.
43. Do the impact hits of a unit of Skeletal Chariots benefit from the Killing Blow special rule given by #1 spell of Nehekhara Lore? If the unit has the banner of the Eternal Flame, are they also flaming?
A. Yes.
44. If a salamander is killed, do you remove the crew for said salamander?
A. No – unless it was the last Salamander of the unit, of course.
45. Can becalming cogitation affect bound items carried by wizards?
A. No.
46. If a spell or other effect forces a unit to re-roll 6s to hit, how does this interact with needing 7s or more to hit?
A. Re-roll all natural 6's.
47. Are the Feed and Avalance of Flesh attacks of the Hellpit Abomination affected by spells such as Soulblight or Enfeebling Foe?
A. Yes.
48. Entombed beneath the sands, when surfacing, is it possible to scatter off the table?
A. Yes, if that happens roll on the Mishap table.
49. In a Bretonnian Army with two Lords, one on a Royal Pegasus and one on a warhorse and 2 or 3 units of Pegasus Knights, which is the General?
A. The army has to be lead by a Bret Lord on a Royal Peg in order to remove the 0-1 restriction on PegKnights.
50. If something - e.g. Wights - wound on a 1+ are they still allowed a to wound-roll in order to achieve Killing Blow?
A. Yes.
51. O&G unit fails animosity, rolls 2-5, but is then lured by the Siren Song. Must they charge the Siren?
A. No.
52. Abomination dies and something erupts from it. Do the models need to have one part within 3" of the marker center or the whole model?
A. Just one part.
53. Can a chaos hero with a 1+ amour save that rolls Iron-hard skin on the eye of the gods table get a 0+ save. If not, can he re-roll the result?
A. Yes, but a 0+ save is identical to a 1+ save for all intents and purposes. May not re-roll.
54. Q. Do war machines need to be based?
A. Yes. Bases make it significantly easier to measure distances and determine template hits in many situations. You may use square, rectangular or round bases, which need to be large enough to support the latest official model, and at least as large as a 40mm round base. Crew need not be supported, they can be separate models. The following are exceptions to size limits:
Warp-lightning Cannon & Plague Claw Catapult: Chariot base, no other bases allowed.
Anvil of Doom: You may use the official model as the base.
Extensions and additions to war machines for conversion and modelling purposes are allowed (encouraged even!), but these have no game play effect.
55. A character that leaves a unit with a Chaos warshrine ”blessing” losses it. Does a character that joins a unit with a warshrine “blessing” gain it? If I chose to roll for my warshrine again in the next turn, can I roll the result I just had again?
A. No. Yes.
56. Abomination dies to a killing blow or a pit/sun/dweller. Can it get up?
A. Yes.
57. If there are any unused points in an army list, are these automatically awarded to the opponent as VP?
A. No.
58. If a unit fails a panic test from a source that causes panic when a single model is killed, unit flees from the closest enemy unit. What about black horror where there are conflicting rules on flee path, if 25% of the unit was killed. Which way would the unit flee- 25% (from the caster) or the black horror special rule (from closest enemy unit)?
A. Directly away from the closest enemy unit.
59. Since the Anvil of Doom does not need a base, just use the model, do the Tomb Kings require a base for the Casket?
A. No.
60. Do Chaos units with the Mark of Khorne give extra attack to steeds? Does Banner of Rage (And other effects that give a whole unit/model frenzy) give extra attack to steeds?
A. Yes. Yes.
61. Can a unit with a fear/terror causing mount (disc) or character in it (Mask of Eeee!) reroll the relevant results of 10/11 on the eye of the gods table?
A. If cast on a model that causes fear (from an item, mount) then yes. If cast on a unit which has a fear causing character joining them, then no.
62. Can you stomp a mixed unit of infantry and unique, such as Screaming Bell pushed by clanrats? If you are only in base contact with the bell, can you choose to direct breath weapons, stomps or similar against only the Bell? If the answer is no, is it distributed as shooting attacks in the rulebook?
A. Yes. No. Yes, although remember that stomp attacks cannot be allocated on non-infantry/warbeast/swarm models.
63. Are pegasus knights affected by a normal killing blow?
A. No.
64. What happens if monsters & handlers unit assigns more wounds on handlers than there are left?
A. Excess wounds are lost. You stop randomizing in the next initiative step or shot/spell/effect.
65. Does immunity for killing blow also protect from heroic killing blow?
A. Yes.
66. Is a character on a disc or a pegasus flying cavalry?
A. No.

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c est vrai c est de l anglais ,,, je confirme
el presidente
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Y'a de quoi lire mais c'est assez intéressant je lirais le tout quand je m'ennuierai au bureau Very Happy
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Napalm a écrit:Y'a de quoi lire mais c'est assez intéressant je lirais le tout quand je m'ennuierai au bureau Very Happy
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Message par Napalm le Lun 26 Sep - 15:38

J'ai noté ça sur lesquels je m'étais déjà posé la question:

-If the partial back rank is deployed to the left side, and there is an enemy unit in the left flank, and a charge is made on the right side, will the back rank break into two parts and shift itself to the right? Or alternatively, will it fight over the gap to the right side?
A. Will not break, but models will fight to the right

-Can additional dice (slann's, DE dagger) override the "not enough power" rule?
A. Yes, anything which adds PD classified as power dice might
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